Is my data safe using online invoicing?

Your invoices, quotes, receipts and customers details are protected if you use Invoiceplace. In fact, your data can be safer than if you store your invoice details on your computer at home or in the office. Your data is protected several ways -

  • Network protection – the computer (server) that runs Invoiceplace has a firewall and other measures to secure against people trying to break-in electronically.
  • Physical protection – the server is located in a secure hosting center that has security measures to protect the server from theft and other faults (such as electrical power surges).
  • Built-in software protection – there are very strict conditions and checks to ensure it is not possible to view invoices for other Invoiceplace users (either inadvertently or maliciously).
  • Data protection – there are regular, secure backups of your data.

Your data can be safer and more secure than if you just kept your invoices stored on your computer particularly if you don’t have regular backups, and keep your computer up to date with security updates and other security measures (i.e. virus protection, a firewall).

For a lot of people (particularly those who don’t back-up regularly or at all) having their laptop or desktop computer stolen would be devastating to the business – and your business data lost forever.

Using Invoiceplace gives you convenience and peace of mind – your invoices can be accessed from anywhere you have internet access, and you don’t need to worry about backups.

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