Emailing invoices – will the emailed invoice reach my customer?

I have had some very good feedback about our new feature to email invoices directly to your customers – that is, will the emailed invoice reach my customers?

We take the following measures with emails sent using Invoiceplace -

  • We do not, and will never send unsolicited commercial email (spam). Sending spam messages can result in email messages being blocked.
  • We receive notification of any failed emails sent from Invoiceplace and will contact you to follow-up (for example, if a customer’s email address was misspelt).
  • An email address is used as the ‘From:’ email address – not your email address. This is done because a message could be considered suspicious if it is sent from one email server (i.e. but the ‘From:’ email address is for another email server (i.e. – so the message is claiming to come from ). However, if your customer replies to the email it will be sent directly to your email address.

Unfortunately we cannot provide a 100% guarantee that email will be received by your customers because there are factors outside of our control, such as -

  • Problems with your customer’s email service resulting in delivery of the email being delayed or not received at all.
  • Your customer’s spam detection software falsely interpreting the email sent from Invoiceplace as spam and moving it to a ‘Junk’ mail folder.

Because of this, it is good practice to verify that your customer has received any invoices, quotes or receipts sent from Invoiceplace but rest assured we strive to provide as reliable a service as possible.

Email your invoice, quote or receipt to your customers

Save time and effort – you can now email your invoice, quote or receipt directly to your customers! Your invoice is sent as a properly formatted PDF or Microsoft Word attachment.

Emailing invoices is only available with sign-up accounts.

To send an email first click on the envelope now displayed in the Invoice, Quote or Receipt tabs -
Email an invoice from the control panel

You can also send an email from the invoice, quote or receipt review screen by clicking on the button titled ‘Email Invoice’ -
Email an invoice from the control panel
Your email address and the email address for your customer is automatically displayed (if you had entered these email addresses in the supplier and customer details of course).

The invoice template and format (PDF or Microsoft Word) can be selected as well.
Email an invoice - choose the email option from the review screen.

Simply type in your message, click on ‘Send Email’ and your invoice is emailed directly to your customer.

Update to Australian accounts

An update has been for Australian accounts which replaces the entry of a supplier and customer Tax File Number (TFN) with the Australian Company Number (ACN).

This change will not delete any Tax File Numbers entered, but you will need to update any TFNs entered previously and replace them with the ACN.

The reason for this change is that the ACN is often used with quotes, and the TFN is not a requirement on valid tax invoices.

15% of all US retail sales online by 2010

The Australian Trade Commission (Austrade) has produced a guide for Australian exporters who wish to sell online in the United States. The current market is big (US$200 billion in e-commerce revenue expected in 2006), and expected to continue to grow dramatically-

Internet Retailer (, a magazine for e-commerce professionals, notes that 7% of all retail sales already occur online in the US and experts predict 15% of all retail sales will take place online in the US by 2010…

There were some interesting facts about internet use in the US-

  • More than 200 million internet users – 68% of the entire US population. This represents a fifth of the total number of internet users in the world (Nielsen Research, January 2006).
  • A strong home shopping culture – before the Web gained popularity, US consumers were already comfortable placing orders by phone for products they had only seen in catalogues or on television.
  • US$200 billion in e-commerce revenue expected in the US alone for 2006 – over the next five years, businessto-consumer e-commerce sales are predicted to grow from US$172 billion in 2005 to US$329 billion in 2010. (Source: Forrester Research, May 2006).

The report (in PDF) can be found here.