Review by Lindy Asimus – “Invoice Place- Your Office Anywhere You Are”

Lindy Asimus from Design Business Engineering has kindly provided a review of Invoiceplace -

Invoice Place – Your Office Anywhere You Are

This comes under the heading of Great Things I Found and is a simple – and simply classic way for the small business owner juggling demands of meeting clients on the road, taking orders and making something of an effort to keep the money coming in while you’re doing it.

Enter Invoice Place, where you can do your invoices on the run, no matter how far you are from the office. A natural for contractors, professionals, consultants and anyone who is not chained to an office and an accounting package all day every day.

Thank you for the review Lindy!

Invoiceplace review by Cindy Tonkin – The Consultants’ Consultant

A big thank you to Cindy Tonkin from The Consultants’ Consultant for the review of Invoiceplace in her April 2007 ezine -

Invoicing from anywhere

If you travel a lot, or want to invoice in multiple currencies, check out Looks professional, and you can export the invoices to pdf format or whatever you need. Good solution if you’re travelling without a PC (does anyone except me not own a laptop any more?).

But if you’re happy with what you have and just need a nice looking invoice, try Microsoft’s templates for Word and Excel.

Thanks for the write-up!

A special thanks to Robert Dawson for the write-up he posted on his blog about Invoiceplace. Rob succinctly describes what this service is all about -

InvoicePlace provides a great, simple, easy to use tool to help enter and keep track of invoices. It works really well for people and businesses send invoices, and want to be able to manage these electronically.

Thanks again Rob!

Email multiple invoices, quotes or receipts to your customer

It is now possible to send up to five extra invoices, quotes and/or receipts when emailing your customers. This feature is only available to customers using our free and monthly subscription accounts.

If you do a lot of business with a certain customer you no longer have to send multiple emails with each invoice, quote or receipt – save time and send one email.

This can be used to include receipts for payments received when emailing your current invoice. Another way this could be used is to send more than one quote to a customer.

You can only include extra invoices, quotes and receipts that are for the customer you are emailing. It is not possible to accidentally send an invoice to the wrong customer – which would be embarrassing!

This screen shot show how Sam can email an invoice to Joe and also include a receipt for payment received.

Email invoice with extra attachment selected

Another Invoiceplace testimonial

We have kindly received another testimonial about Invoiceplace from Greg Saikaly. Thanks Greg!

Antix Displays and Exhibitions logo

I have just started my own business and Invoice Place has been a GOD send. Through this fantastic and easy to use system I have been able to invoice all my clients, & keep track of invoices all without too much time or effort.

I would highly recommend to any self employed, or small business owner that is looking to operate in a smart, effective & professional manner.

You also have a great support network in Scott who is always willing to listen to customer comments that may help in making an already great system even more easier for the end user. Thanks for Invoiceplace, Scott.

- Greg Saikaly. Antix Displays & Exhibitions Pty Ltd – Sydney, New South Wales Australia.

Starting your freelance career

if you are are interested in a career as a freelancer I invite you to head over to the North x East blog and read the very detailed post A Comprehensive guide to starting your freelance career.

This article covers the following vital aspects of starting and maintaining a successful freelance business -

  • What is Freelancing?
  • Branding Yourself.
  • Where do you find work?
  • Quoting and Estimating.
  • Rebilling Other Services.
  • How much is right? [What rate should you charge].
  • Invoicing.
  • Getting Paid.
  • Expansion and Becoming a Full-Fledged Business.

Put the world on your desktop!

How would you like to have a stunning image of the Earth as your computer desktop? How about an image that includes satellite cloud images so you can track hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons? One that shows where it is day and night anywhere in the world?

If so I invite you to check out Earth Desk – an amazing dynamic desktop program that includes these features -

  • Real-time clouds (updated at 3-hour intervals) with transparency and moonlight reflection.
  • Accurate sun, moon and city lighting.
  • High quality twilight shading.
  • Automatically updates when waking from sleep.
  • Moonlight shading can be turned on or off.
  • Complete multi-display support.
  • Eleven different map projections.
  • Includes both satellite and political maps.

EarthDesk desktop

New Invoiceplace review and testimonial

We have kindly received another testimonial by Paul and Summer Sanders from Bonegilla Glass:

“Since we have signed on with the invoice place system our invoice time has been freed up significantly. What used to be a tedious task that we did via invoice books has turned into a fast and cost effective process that is easy to track. Other programs just didn’t fit our business size and needed extensive training to understand and set up. The invoice place system fits our business, our customers are happy, our accountant is happy and so are we.”

- Paul and Summer Sanders, Bonegilla Glass. Albury, New South Wales Australia.

I would also like to acknowledge the testimonials that Bill, Sylvia and David have already provided:

“I run a home based business, and was looking for something to make our invoices look more professional. I did an online search and came across Invoice Place. I’ve been using their invoices ever since. They look good, are easy to manage…and the price is right. I’ve found Scott and his crew easy to talk to, and open to customer suggestions. is a winner for me and my company.”

- Bill Jackson. British Columbia, Canada.

“Your website helps me to run my business promptly, on time and makes my life simply easier!!!”

- Sylvia Ratcliffe, Sydney, Australia.

“ has been extremely helpful to my business. I am able to take care of quotes and invoicing anywhere in the world without having my computer with me. The choice of currency and ability to e-mail the invoice or quote is an invaluable resource for my business.”

- David Smart, Smart Productions. New South Wales, Australia.

Online billing even easier – detailed help and instructions now available

Online billing with Invoiceplace is now even easier – detailed help and instructions are now available when you create an invoice, quote or receipt.

There are also general instructions, hints and tips displayed which include such things as how to receive payment by check and direct bank transfer. Help is available for these sections -

  • Supplier details;
  • Customer details;
  • Invoice / Quote / Receipt details;
  • Invoice / Quote / Receipt review page;
  • Email page.

To receive help about what you need to enter for each field just click on the field name, and a pop-up with instructions will appear.

To check out these updates click here to start using Invoiceplace, or account holders can login here.

Below are screenshots of the help and instructions for the invoice, email, supplier and customer screens.

Invoice DetailsInvoice page with help

Email Your Invoice (or Quote or Receipt)

Email Invoice with help and instructions

Supplier Details
Invoice supplier page with help

Customer Details
Invoice customer page with help