MemoToMe review – free email reminder service

MemoToMe logo is a free, simple and reliable email reminder service that has been running since 1998. Memo to Me is very useful to ensure that you never forgot an important date or task. Reminders can be set-up on the following schedule -

  • One-Time
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Every Few Weeks
  • Monthly
  • Yearly

Sign-up is free and upgrades are available to a paid Platinum account which includes extra features such as SMS reminders and sending a reminder to a group of people. A comparison of the free and Platinum subscriptions can be found here.

Polish invoice and quotes – Invoiceplace now available for businesses in Poland

Polish Flag For Invoices Invoiceplace is now available for businesses in Poland to manage their billing and create Polish invoices. The Polish złoty currency is used by default, however you can choose other currencies such as the Euro if you export to other countries within the European Union.

Updated Invoiceplace website – Easy Invoicing and Quotes From Anywhere

The Invoiceplace website front page has been updated:

Invoiceplace front page website top section

The phrase ‘Easy Invoicing and Quotes From Anywhere‘ is prominent on the new design and for good reason. Invoiceplace will give you the edge with your billing and help you manage invoicing, quoting and track receipts/payments received no matter where you are and what computer you are using. Use any computer connected to the internet, login to Invoiceplace, create your invoice, print or email directly to your customer and you are done. Simple and professional billing software.

Five important reasons are listed are to why you should use Invoiceplace to manage quotes, invoices and receipts-

1. Take control
2. Sell anything
3. Save time
4. Grow your business
5. Get paid

The benefits and features are listed, and a link to a sample invoice is available:

Invoiceplace front page website middle section

The five reasons to use Invoiceplace for your billing and invoicing software are accompanied by screenshots:

1. Take control
Take control of your billing – at a glance see what invoices are overdue for payment, what are still due for payment, and what invoices have been paid.

2. Sell anything
Create invoices and quotes for any type of product or service. You can use Invoiceplace no matter what you sell be it paint, jumping castles, hardware supplies, or cell phones.

Similarly if you provide freelance design services, video production, professional photography, cleaning services or car repair then Invoiceplace will also save you time and help you manage your billing.

3. Save time
Email your quote, invoice or receipt directly to your customer.

Your customers will receive an email with a professionally formatted invoice, quote or receipt attachment.

The attachment will be in Microsoft Word© or PDF format.

4. Grow your business
Save time and effort when create quotes / estimates to help you grow your business and keep costs low. Create quotes in minutes, and keep track of your open and expired quotes.

You can also create an invoice from a quote in one simple step.

5. Get paid
Track payments received against your invoices. You can record partial payments and retainers.

Directory for Australian Businesses – list your business for free

DLook Australian Business DirectoryIf you have an Australian business I invite you to check out dLook, an online business directory for Australian businesses. Listing your business is free, and premium subscriptions are also available (see below for more details).

From the dLook website -

dLook is Australia’s Smartest Online Business Directory, providing savvy internet users with a fast, free and easy way to find businesses which service their local area.

By using some clever marketing techniques, and taking advantage of the vast numbers of people who are sick of the “same old” internet phone books, dLook has quietly captured a large chunk of market share from traditional business directories.

There are Free and Premium (AUD$488 / year) listings available -

Standard (Free) Listing

  • Appears at the bottom of business listings
  • Appears in grey
  • Listed in only one category
  • Shows only basic contact information

Premium Listing:

  • Appears at the Top of Business Listings
  • Brightly Coloured to stand out against other listings
  • Listed in up to 4 Business Categories, allowing customers to find your business in other related categories
  • Provides full, up-to-date address and address details
  • Provides full fax and telephone details
  • Provides access to dLook QuoteMe!â„¢ feature
  • Includes Secondary / after hours / mobile telephone number (optional)
  • Includes a link to your web-site (optional)
  • Allows customers to e-mail you directly via dLook’s business listings (optional)

Fast invoicing – make a copy of your existing invoice or quote

Thanks to feedback from our Invoiceplace users we have added a new feature to allow you to easily make a copy of an existing invoice or quote.

A new column titled ‘Copy’ is now available in the list of your existing quotes and invoices. To use this simply click on the copy image for the invoice or quote you wish to use as the basis for another invoice or quote.
Fast invoicing - copy your invoice or quote

This will save you time in the following scenarios –

  • When re-issuing a quote you have already created to send to another customer;
  • When you prepare a standard monthly invoice.

Everything is copied from the original quote or invoice except for the following -

  • The invoice / quote date (which is pre-set to the current date);
  • The invoice / quote number – this is left blank (because you cannot re-use the old number).

If you copy an invoice that has had one or more receipts created (i.e. the original invoice has been fully or partially paid) payments from the original invoice are not copied to the new invoice.

More quote and invoice unit types are now available

As previously announced, we have added another 15 unit types (17 in total) that you can use on your invoices and quotes to cater for invoice items measured by weight, time, length or volume.

Edit Invoice Items With Unit Types
The new unit types, as displayed in the invoice review page-

Review Invoice Items With Unit Types

The unit type shows what the quantity on your invoice or quote line item represents. Originally we only had two unit types available (Hour and Each).

Now Invoiceplace provides an even better and easier to use online billing system for many different types of businesses. The new unit types available (excluding the existing Hour and Each types) are as follows-


  • Kilogram
  • Gram
  • Pound
  • Ounce
  • Tonne


  • Day
  • Week
  • Month
  • Year


  • Metre
  • Centimetre
  • Foot
  • Inch


  • Litre
  • Gallon

More Invoice/Quote Unit Types Are Coming

We will adding to the unit types available in the next two weeks. The unit type shows what the quantity on invoice or quote line items represent. Currently there are two unit types – ‘Hours’ and ‘Each’ :

  • Hours would be used to charge for your time, or the time of your employees/contractors.
  • Each would be used when you have sold a certain number of items, or even to describe a charge for a project.

The following units types will be added:


  • Kilogram / Pound
  • Gram / Ounce
  • Tonne / Ton


  • Day
  • Week
  • Month
  • Year


  • Centimetre / Inch
  • Metre / Foot