Fast invoicing – make a copy of your existing invoice or quote

Thanks to feedback from our Invoiceplace users we have added a new feature to allow you to easily make a copy of an existing invoice or quote.

A new column titled ‘Copy’ is now available in the list of your existing quotes and invoices. To use this simply click on the copy image for the invoice or quote you wish to use as the basis for another invoice or quote.
Fast invoicing - copy your invoice or quote

This will save you time in the following scenarios –

  • When re-issuing a quote you have already created to send to another customer;
  • When you prepare a standard monthly invoice.

Everything is copied from the original quote or invoice except for the following -

  • The invoice / quote date (which is pre-set to the current date);
  • The invoice / quote number – this is left blank (because you cannot re-use the old number).

If you copy an invoice that has had one or more receipts created (i.e. the original invoice has been fully or partially paid) payments from the original invoice are not copied to the new invoice.

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