More quote and invoice unit types are now available

As previously announced, we have added another 15 unit types (17 in total) that you can use on your invoices and quotes to cater for invoice items measured by weight, time, length or volume.

Edit Invoice Items With Unit Types
The new unit types, as displayed in the invoice review page-

Review Invoice Items With Unit Types

The unit type shows what the quantity on your invoice or quote line item represents. Originally we only had two unit types available (Hour and Each).

Now Invoiceplace provides an even better and easier to use online billing system for many different types of businesses. The new unit types available (excluding the existing Hour and Each types) are as follows-


  • Kilogram
  • Gram
  • Pound
  • Ounce
  • Tonne


  • Day
  • Week
  • Month
  • Year


  • Metre
  • Centimetre
  • Foot
  • Inch


  • Litre
  • Gallon

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  1. [...] A new invoice unit type has been added – ‘Pair’. This allows you to create an invoice for products / goods that are sold in pairs – shoes for example. In the example invoice below there are two items created – 1 pair or shoes and shoe polish. [...]