Invoicing with more control and flexibility

You can now easily re-order and insert new line items in your invoices and quotes. The key benefits of these new Invoiceplace features are :

  • You can adjust your invoice or quote to have similar line items listed together.
  • If you issue a similar invoice each month by making a copy of last month’s invoice it is easy to adjust the order and add invoice line items as required.
  • If you need to make a change to an invoice and insert a new item amongst existing items you can easily do so.

The following is an example of how these new features can help you. An invoice is issued for consulting services performed by Jill for project X and Y. Jill was also able to sell software licenses for a utility that was required for project X. The line item for project Y was added after the software licences were recorded on the invoice.

For Jill to move the line item for project Y to be listed below project X she needs to click on the red arrow pointing upwards, as circled below:

Before move existing invoice item

Now the consulting lines items for project X and Y are listed together on Jill’s invoice.

After move existing invoice item

Following on from this example and Jill was also able to do work for project Z, which she can be bill for on the same invoice. She would like to enter the hours for this project after the hours for project Y.

To insert a line item amongst existing line items Jill clicks on the icon shaped like a plus sign (circled below). This will insert a new line item below project Y -
Before insert new invoice line item
Jill can now record the billable hours for project Z.

After insert new invoice line item

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