Invoiceplace testimonial – CopyCat, the English Pronunciation Teachers Toolkit

A special thank you to Annie and Trevor Boulton from the CopyCat Company for providing a testimonial.

Copycat Company -  English Pronunciation Teachers Toolkit

Invoiceplace has made it possible for us to make our business truly mobile. Previously we had to pack our own invoicing package and travel with all of our records.

We can now operate from anywhere in the world, send invoices and keep track of payments.

With Invoiceplace for billing, Gmail for email and MBox for our Faxes and telephone messages we are now truly mobile.

We also appreciate the fact that you are continually improving the facilities and services that you offer.

- Trevor & Annie Boulton, The Copycat Company, Hervey Bay, Queensland Australia.

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Adobe Reader 8.1 problem – AdobeUpdater.exe running at 100% CPU

I encountered a problem after updating Adobe Reader to version 8.1 where the AdobeUpdater.exe process would run at near to 100% CPU. I was unable to end the process in the Windows task manager despite repeated attempts.

The impression I received from reading about the experiences of other people with this problem is that is related to certain firewall software products not allowing AdobeUpdater to connect to the internet. Updating my firewall settings to allow this process full access to the internet did not resolve the problem.
If you are suffering from the AdobeUpdater process as well I can suggest four possible solutions:

  1. Review and update your firewall settings to allow the AdobeUpdater process to access the internet.
  2. Install an earlier version of Adobe Reader.
  3. Try installing alternative PDF viewer software such as FoxIt Reader.
  4. Prevent the AdobeUpdater process from running, detailed below.

Fix the AdobeUpdater problem – when you have Adobe Acrobat 8.1 (not the free version)

If you want to continue using Adobe Acrobat but have a problem with AdobeUpdater causing your computer to run slowly there is a work-around described here, as excerpted from the discussion on the Adobe forum here – AdobeUpdater.exe hogging all the CPU runtime (the solution is highlighted in bold text).

Hi Pam,

Sorry my message wasn’t clear, I copied it from another post.

What I did was to rename ‘Updater.api’ in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 8.0\Acrobat\plug_ins to ‘Updater.api.PROBLEM‘ (subtle, eh?)

That way, Adobe can’t find the updater program to run it. I’ve had this fix in place since the 26th Feb and I’ve had no recurrence of the CPU problem and apparently no problems caused by my fix either.

Hope that helps.

Best regards,


Fix the AdobeUpdater problem – when you have Adobe Reader 8.1 (the free PDF reader)

If you are using Adobe Reader 8.1 (the free PDF reader) and you want to stop the AbobeUpdater process from running then the instructions are slightly different to if you are using Adobe Acrobat.

The following screenshots will show you how to rename the Updater.api file. These are taken from a computer running Windows XP.

Step 1 – Open the ‘Run…’ command.


Step 2 – Enter the following in the ‘Open:’ field :
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader\plug_ins


Step 3 – Right click on the Updater.api file, and select the Rename option.


Step 4 – Rename the file to Updater.api.PROBLEM and press the Enter key.


This big downside to this workaround is that you will miss out on notification of new releases and updates. It’s not a perfect solution but it’s the only I found that let me continue to use Adobe Acrobat 8.1.

Invoiceplace free online billing invoicing software

Throw out your calculator – smarter online invoicing

Another great reason to use Invoiceplace –you can now enter unit prices that include tax, and the tax exclusive price will be automatically calculated. A similar update has been made so you can enter tax inclusive postage prices.

An example is when you have a postage price of $15.00, and this includes 10% tax. Previously you would have to enter the tax exclusive postage price of $13.64. (How to work out the tax exclusive price is explained in the paragraph titled ‘How to calculate a tax exclusive price’ below).

Who benefits from being able to enter tax inclusive unit prices?

This is particularly useful if you are selling goods for which you only know the tax inclusive price. Previously you could only enter the tax exclusive (pre-tax) unit price, so previously you would have to manually calculate what the pre-tax price is.

How have the quotes and invoices changed?

• There is a new check box next to the postage price field titled ‘Includes Tax’. If this is checked it indicates that the postage price includes tax (being GST, VAT, IVA – depending on your country tax code).

• A new check box has been added to the invoice or quote items titled ‘Price per Unit inc. Tax’. If this is ticked it indicates that the unit price entered includes tax.

What hasn’t changed?

The tax exclusive price is still the unit price that is recorded for quotes and invoices. There are no changes to the way the unit prices are stored for your existing invoices and quotes.

This change does not affect receipts.

How to calculate a tax exclusive price

The following is a formula used to calculate the pre-tax or tax exclusive price.

Pre-tax price = Tax inclusive price / 1 + Tax percentage as a decimal number

The tax percentage as a decimal number is a value between 0 and 1 (where 0 = 0% and 1
= 100%).

Pre tax price = $15 / 1 + 0.1 = 13.636363636363636363636363636364 (rounded up to $13.64).

Amount of tax paid equals = Tax inclusive price – Tax exclusive price

Amount of tax paid = $15.00-$13.64 = $1.36

Example – tax inclusive invoice items

An invoice is created for one dozen red roses. The unit price is $40, and this is the price that includes tax. The tax rate is 8%. The check box titled ‘Price per Unit inc. Tax’ is ticked.

Invoice Item With Tax Inclusive Unit Price

When reviewing the invoice the unit price has been updated to be the pre-tax (tax exclusive) unit price of $37.04. Note that the gross price is still $40.

Review Invoice Item With Tax Inclusive Unit Price
When you open the invoice again the ‘Price per Unit inc. Tax’ check box is not ticked. This is because this price is not the pre-tax unit price anymore. You do not need to tick the check box after the pre-tax price has been calculated for you. The check box only indicates that Invoiceplace should calculate the tax exclusive unit price for you.

Invoice Unit Price Exclusive Price Automatically Calculated

Example – tax inclusive postage and handling charge

A postage and handling charge of $15 is applied to an invoice, and this charge includes an amount of tax calculated at 10%. The check box ‘Includes Tax’ is ticked.

Invoice Postage And Shipping Includes Tax

After saving your changes the postage and handling price has been updated to the pre-tax price of $13.64. Also the ‘Includes Tax’ check box is no longer ticked – similar to the invoice items you do not need to tick this again.

Invoice Postage And Shipping Tax Exclusive Price Automatically Calculated

Improved email invoicing

Emailing your invoices or quotes with Invoiceplace has been further improved to include an optional Bcc (‘Blind Carbon Copy’) email address field.

What does Bcc mean?

Using the Bcc email address field means that your invoice or quote will also be sent to this email recipient. The difference is the person you are emailing will not know that you have done this, nor can they see the Bcc email address. Similarly if you also send to a Cc (‘Carbon Copy’) email recipient they too will not know that you have sent email to a Bcc address.

Why use the Bcc field when emailing your invoice or quote?

  • For backups – if you want to send yourself a copy of email (which will you mean you will have a copy of the invoice or quote as well).
  • To keep someone else in the loop – if you want to also send a copy of the email to another person (i.e. your business partner).

Updated Quotes and Email Invoicing Screen

Below is a sample screen shot. This example shows how Fred can also receive himself a copy of the email he is sending to Bill.

Email Invoice With Bcc field Online Invoicing Email Feature