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InvoicePlace – Top Billing From Us!

Looks like there’s no better time to run a small business. From software (NearTime, Zoho) to billing, there is no dearth of companies waiting to make life easier. InvoicePlace scores extra because it really takes on one of the most thankless jobs around.

Invoiceplace review and testimonial – Planet Internet Marketing

Thank you to Bob Snarey from Planet Internet Marketing for kindly providing an Invoiceplace testimonial!

Planet Internet Marketing United Kingdom

When I started my business in January 2007 one of my main concerns was invoicing and the amount of time I was going to spend working them out and typing them up. A lot of the work I do involves getting a deposit from the client before starting work, this can be anything from 10% to 50%. I also have to give various percentage discounts either for prompt payment or as a commission.

I looked at Sage which was not only complicated but total overkill for my small business. My accountant said I needed a set of accountancy books! What I really needed was a simple solution that didn’t take up my time. I guessed that many other start up businesses were in the same predicament as me so I searched the Business Start Up Forums online and that’s where I found Scott promoting Invoiceplace.

It was free so I didn’t have anything to lose but to be honest I couldn’t see it being much value to me, what’s more any support would have to come from Australia.

I gave it a go and produced my first invoice in a couple of minutes and sent it off via Invoice Place by email. Now I can’t imagine running my business without Invoiceplace, I can invoice on the move, put in complicated percentage discounts and it does all the calculations for me. When I need to know what money needs chasing then I just log into Invoice Place and it tells me.

Don’t worry about Scott being in Australia, Invoiceplace works great in pounds sterling and all other currencies too and if you have a query or a problem Scott will sort it very quickly.

- Robert Snarey, Planet Internet Marketing Ltd., Weymouth, England, United Kingdom.

Invoiceplace review and testimonial – Marshell Bodyguard & Security

Thank you to Michelle & Mo Halbouni from Marshell Bodyguard & Security for kindly providing an Invoiceplace review and testimonial.

Marshell Bodyguard and Security

We’d like to thank Invoiceplace for their site. We are a new business & don’t use a formal accounting software system. Invoice place gave us the necessary site to do all our invoicing & receipts to make our business look more professional.

We have put forward some suggestions and requests & Invoiceplace has made these enhancements straight away for us. We would recommend any new business to use this site to set up their invoicing & receipts.

- Michelle & Mo Halbouni, Marshell Bodyguard & Security, Blakehurst, New South Wales Australia.