Online Invoice (Fattura) for Italy – create an Italian VAT or IVA invoice

Italian flag for Invoiceplace blog

You can now create an online invoice (or Fattura) for Italy using Invoiceplace. Special thanks to Giordano (a very kind and much appreciated Italian Invoiceplace user) who provided the translations required so that an Italian VAT / IVA invoice can be created. Please note quotes and receipts have not been fully translated at this point.

Please click below to view a sample Italian Fattura. Please excuse the English text used in this example IVA invoice since my written and spoken Italian skills are rather lacking!

Italian Online Invoice IVA VAT Invoice For Italy Sample

An IVA invoice / Fattura uses Euros ( € ) as the default currency, but as with all Invoiceplace countries you can change the currency on individual invoices or quotes as required. For example an Italian user can still create an invoice in US dollars if they do business in the United States.

Italian Gondola for Invoice place blog

(Gondola passing under a bridge in Venice, Italy.)

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