Manage multi currency invoices, quotes, and track revenue

Invoiceplace now offers a simple way for you to manage multi currency invoices, quotes and track revenue. Four new reports are available, which display automatically after you login:

Invoice Revenue Turnover Total Sales Overdue And Total Invoices And Quotes Report

These reports can handle invoices, quotes and receipts created in different currencies. If you do create an invoice in more than one currency in a month an individual total for each currency will be listed.


The revenue report shows how much money you receive from your invoices each month. This amount of tax (or GST, VAT etc) is included as well which can help you submit your tax return, BAS statement or VAT return.

Revenue (also referred to as Sales or Turnover) is the total amount you received from your invoices. Revenue is calculated based on the receipt date.

Invoice Revenue Turnover Sales Report

Total Invoices

This is a list of the total amount that you have invoiced each month, including the tax (or GST, VAT, etc) that you have charged your customers.

Total Invoices Report - multi currency

Overdue invoices

The overdue invoices report indicates which customers you need to follow-up with for payment.

Your customers with overdue invoices are listed, with the total amount owing for each customer. Only invoices that are past the invoice due date are included when calculating the total overdue invoices.

Overdue Invoices Report


The total quotes issued by month and year are also listed.

Total Quotes Report

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