Easy online invoicing – save time with multiple invoice templates

Save more time when billing using Invoiceplace by creating multiple quote and invoice templates. Previously only one template could be created. If you have to create invoices for common products and/or services you can avoid having to retype the same details each time by using a template.

To create an invoice or quote from a template select the template from a drop down list. If you don’t want to use a template just click on the ‘Create Invoice’ link.

Invoiceplace create an invoice from a template

To create a quote, invoice or receipt template select the ‘Templates/Preferences’ tab and click on the link to create the required template.

Quote and invoice templates can be used for specific billing purposes. In the fictitious example below there are three available :

  1. The ‘Standard template’ used for jobs that require more than a day’s labor.
  2. An ‘Insurance Claim’ template’ for repair work as contracted by an insurance company.
  3. A ‘Short term job template’ used for jobs less than a day’s labor (this has a higher rate).

Note that all templates have customized comments based on the type of template. For example the insurance claim template has a section where a claim number should be entered as a reference.

Invoiceplace create multiple invoice templates

Free accounts provide up to five quote and invoice templates, paid subscriptions start at $12 USD a month for up to 50 templates.

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