Create an online invoice and easily add products

You can now easily add new products when creating an invoice or quote using Invoiceplace. Using products will save you time when invoicing. All you need to do is select a product and enter the quantity. The item description, unit type, tax percentage or discount percentage are automatically entered.

To create an online invoice with a new product please follow the instructions below.

Create an invoice and add a new product

Click on the ‘New Product’ button when creating an invoice.

Create an online invoice with products

Create a product

Enter the details for your new product. You will need to enter the following :

  • Product Code: A unique code to identify each product.
  • Description: The name/description of the product. This is displayed in the invoice line item.
  • Price Per Unit: The price charged for each individual product, for example the hourly price for a service.
  • Unit Type: What quantity selected for the product means, and how this product is sold – for example use Hour for consulting service, Each for an individual unit such as electrical safety or even a custom designed website.
  • Price per Unit inc. Tax: Indicates whether the Price per Unit is inclusive of tax. Selecting this checkbox will have Invoiceplace automatically calculate the pre-tax unit price for you (based on the Tax % that you enter).
  • Tax %: The percentage of tax that normally applies to this product.
  • Discount %: A standard discount percentage that applies to this product.
  • Notes: Any useful notes or comments.

Create a product for an invoice

Use a new product on your invoice

Select the new product, and enter the quantity.

Use a new product when creating an online invoice

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Create an online invoice with a different shipping / delivery address

Invoiceplace has been updated so you can now record a fax number on your business (supplier) details, and for your customer’s details. Your customer (the invoice recipient) also has a new delivery / shipping address field. (Both invoices and quotes will display the fax numbers and customer delivery address.)

If you need to fax your invoice or quote then your customer’s fax details will now be printed. Similarly a different delivery address will be printed if required. If you do not enter an invoice shipping address the billing address will be automatically used.

These updates are highlighted below.

Supplier details – enter a fax number

Edit invoice supplier details with fax number

Customer details – enter a fax number and invoice shipping / delivery address

Edit invoice customer details with fax number and delivery address 

Sample invoice – now with fax and delivery address

Click here to view a sample invoice which uses a different delivery address.

Sample invoice with fax and delivery or shipping address

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