Sell shoes online! New invoice item unit type added – Pair

A new invoice unit type has been added – ‘Pair’. This allows you to create an invoice for products / goods that are sold in pairs – shoes for example.
In the example invoice below there are two items created – 1 pair or shoes and shoe polish.

Create a invoice choose unit type of pair

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Invoiceplace review and testimonial – Tim Moorey : crossword setter

Tim Moorey crossword setter

A big thank you to Tim Moorey for providing the following Invoiceplace testimonial. Tim is a professional crossword setter and trainer.

I am very happy with Invoiceplace which has replaced my previous method of issuing invoices and follow-ups for my small business. It is fast, easy to understand and best of all, is run as a personal business. Much better than dealing with large companies; responses are quick and I’d recommend Invoiceplace wholeheartedly.

- Tim Moorey, Crossword Setter, United Kingdom