Use Invoiceplace for your online quoting software – handling invoiced quotes

Creating an online quote or estimate using Invoiceplace has been improved so that now your invoiced quotes are listed separately. This means you can clearly see which quotes your customers have been invoiced for.

There is no extra effort required to manage your quotes – the new table listing invoiced quotes is automatically updated. Previously all quotes were listed in one of the Open Quotes or Expired Quotes tables.

Online quote software showing invoiced quotes

An open quote is one that has not passed the quote expiry date. The quote expiry date is calculated by adding the number of days recorded in the ‘Quote terms’ to the ‘Quote date’. Similarly an Expired Quote is one with an expiry date in the past.

If you remove an invoice for a quote then the quote will be listed in either the Open Quotes or Expired Quotes.

How to create an invoice from a quote

1. Find the quote

Use the search feature or manually find the quote for which you need to create an invoice for.

Search for an online quote or estimate

2. Click on the ‘Create Invoice’ button

Create an online quote

3. Enter the invoice details

Create an invoice from a quote

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What is accounts aging?

Want to know when your invoices are going to be paid? Looking for a way to predict your future income? Your wait is over! Accounts aging is the report you need today, to tell you what you are going to get paid tomorrow (well, not quite – but it does help!).

The accounts aging report is now displayed in the home tab of your Invoiceplace account, and is a useful and easy way for you to see total invoice payments due in the future.

What is accounts aging?

The report uses the invoice due date, and calculates the total amount due by month. For example if you create an invoice in August for $100 that is due to be paid in September, the accounts aging report will show $100 due to be paid in September.

If your customer makes an early payment of $50 for this invoice, $50 will then be displayed for September. This means the accounts aging report does not show any payments you have received but will adjust accordingly to reflect the amount due.

The accounts aging includes multi-currency billing support, so if you have invoices for $50 in US Dollars and $100 in Canadian dollars both due in September these total amounts will be listed separately.

If you delete or change an invoice total, due date or the receipt amount or payment date the accounts aging will be automatically adjusted as required.

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How to create a receipt – fast and easy

After you create an invoice the next step (in an ideal world) is to receive prompt payment from your customer (did I mention this was an ideal world?). After receiving payment you can use Invoiceplace to create a receipt which will update the amount paid on the invoice.

Previously you first needed to find the invoice and click on the create receipt icon (as below).

create a receipt using invoiceplace from an existing invoice

Finding the invoice had been improved by the new search feature, which gives you a way to search on the invoice number. However this has been made even faster and easier by a simple two-step process:

  1. Enter the invoice number.
  2. Create the receipt.

This process is about saving time when you manage your billing. Accounting doesn’t have to be a hassle, which is why this way of recording payment has been created to reduce the number of steps required to track payments.

How to create a receipt

You can create a receipt from the home, invoice or receipt tabs. The example below starts in the invoice tab.

1. Click on the link titled ‘Create Receipt’.

Create a receipt for online invoice payment received

2. Enter the invoice number for which you have received payment, and click on the ‘Create Receipt’ button.

create a receipt enter invoice number

3. Complete the receipt details.

enter receipt details for payment received

Accidents happen! Safeguards to make sure you don’t enter the same payment twice

If you create a receipt for an invoice that already has had payment received the invoice page will open. The following message will appear:

A receipt has already been created for this invoice – please check that you are not entering the same payment twice.

This message is displayed to prevent you from accidentally entering the same payment twice. You can still create a receipt by clicking on the link ‘Create Receipt’ in the invoice review page.

create a receipt when payment already received

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Invoiceplace testimonial – Dust Busters North East – professional and residential cleaning services

Dust Busters North Easy Professional and residential cleaning services United Kingdom

A special thank you to John Jarvis from Dust Busters North East for providing an Invoiceplace testimonial.

If you are just setting up a business you have come to the right place. Here you will find everything you need to get started, and as your business grows why would you want to leave this site that has helped you at the start of your new exciting business.

As we grow our customers will grow and that’s where this site comes into its own. All I can say is what a FANTASTIC web site for helping me with my business needs.

- John Jarvis, Dust Busters North East. United Kingdom

His company provides the following cleaning services:

  • New Build Cleans
  • Tenacy Cleans
  • Student Properties Deep Cleans
  • Power Washing
  • Window Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning
  • Builders Cleans
  • Restroom and toilet deep cleaning
  • High Level Cleaning
  • One-off cleans
  • Block Paving Clean’s & Sealents
  • Decking Cleaning
  • Chewing Gum Removal
  • Graffitti Removal

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How to create a paid invoice

When you create an invoice you expect to be paid – if you want to remain in business that is! Invoiceplace provides a simple way to create a professional online invoice and track payments received, now enhanced to make your billing faster and clearer for you and your customers.

The benefits are twofold:

  1. Clearer –No hassle keeping track of retainers and partial payments – receipts are listed for each invoice. Similarly your customer receives an invoice with a complete payment history.
  2. Faster – A streamlined and easy to follow process to create a fully paid invoice.

When reviewing an invoice the payment history is now included, and there is a way to create a receipt.

Online invoice includes payment history

How to create a fully paid invoice

1. Start billing! Create an invoice from a template

Create an online invoice from a template

2. Enter invoice details

Create an online invoice how to enter invoice details

3. After reviewing choose the new option to create a receipt

Print an online invoice

4. Create a receipt

Create a receipt for an online invoice

5. Print the receipt, or the paid invoice

Review a receipt for a paid invoice

Click on the image below to view a sample paid invoice.

Sample Invoice Template Fully Paid Invoice

How to receive payment and print a paid invoice

1. Create a receipt for an existing invoice.

Enter the receipt details and save.

Create a receipt for an invoice

2. Print the paid invoice

Print a fully paid invoice after creating a receipt

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