Registration now open for the top 100 Australian Web2.0 Applications

top 100 Australian Web2.0 Applications

Ross Dawson from the Future Exploration Network has announced that registration is now open for the top 100 Australian Web 2.0 applications launch event to be held Thursday 19th June 2008 in Sydney. Last year’s event was a sell-out – so register today before it’s too late!

How to calculate customer balance with multiple currencies

Invoiceplace now provides an easy way to keep track of your customer’s account balance. See at a glance the total invoices paid, due, overdue and the total balance.

This provides an instant snapshot of your customer’s account. There is no need to manually add up receipts or invoices. Multi-currency billing software support is also provided and a total for each currency your customer has been invoiced will be displayed.

Calculate customer invoice balance with multiple currencies

How is the customer balance calculated?

  • Paid: Total receipts (payments received).
  • Due: Total amount of unpaid invoices not past their due date.
  • Overdue: Total amount for unpaid invoices that have past their due date.
  • Balance: The total amount your customer owes (includes due and overdue invoices, and less payments received). If your customer is in credit a negative amount is displayed.

What does it mean if a customer is in credit?

A customer has a credit if they overpay an invoice. A negative balance is displayed in this case. For example if you create an invoice for $100 and your customer pays $110, the balance will be a credit of -$10.

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Fast online invoicing – automatic invoice numbering

Invoiceplace now provides automatic numbering of invoices, quotes and receipts. This will save you time when creating an online invoice since you don’t need to enter a manually enter an invoice number.

You still have the freedom to use any format for the invoice number. However if you use a numeric invoice number the next number will be automatically displayed when you create a new invoice. The automatic numbering works for invoices, quotes and receipts. The automatic numbering does not happen when you create an invoice template, quote template or receipt template.

How to use automatic invoice numbering

  1. Enter your invoice number in a numeric format (for example 113).
  2. When you create a new invoice the number will be automatically set (in this case to 114).

Automatic invoice numbering

Automatic numbering when using an invoice template

The invoice number will be automatically updated if you create an invoice from a template, as long as the invoice number in the template is blank.

Invoice template with blank invoice number

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