Invoiceplace listed in the Top 100 Australian Web 2.0 Applications!

We are very excited to announce that Invoiceplace has been listed as one of the top 100 Australian Web 2.0 Applications!

This initiative was led by Ross Dawson from the Future Exploration Network, and published online and in print in the Business Review Weekly.

Top 100 web2.0 applications in australia

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Changes to free and paid subscriptions from the 1st of September. Upgrade for half price.

All existing free and paid Invoiceplace subscriptions will be upgraded on the 1st of September 2008. Subscription price hasn’t changed – but now you receive more value. Free and paid accounts will provide unlimited customer records so it doesn’t matter if you have one or ten thousand customers.

The major change is there will be a maximum number of invoices, quotes or receipts that can be created for each calendar month.

Free subscriptions are now the Lite subscription

The free account will become the Lite subscription. This will offer unlimited customer records (was three) and a maximum of five each of invoices, quotes and receipts created each month (this means that you can create up to five invoices, and five quotes and five receipts). This limit resets automatically each month.

20 customer subscriptions are now the Professional subscription

The 20 customer subscription will be the Professional subscription. This includes unlimited customers, and up to 1000 each of invoices, quotes and receipts each month. You can also have up to 1000 products (was 100).

100 and 500 customer subscriptions are now the Premium subscription

The 100 and 500 customer subscription will be the ‘Premium’ subscription also offering unlimited customers and up to 5000 invoices, quotes and receipts each month. There are 5000 products allowed (was 1000) and lets you incorporate one each of a fully customized invoice, quote and receipt print templates (more about custom templates below).

Exclusive upgrade offer – 50% discount on one and two year subscriptions

Does Invoiceplace save you time and helps make your billing easy? Upgrade your existing free or paid account by the 1st of August 2008 and receive a 50% discount on a one or two year Professional or Premium subscription.

Yearly subscriptions already include two months free, and the two year subscription eight months – so take advantage of this special offer for even greater value! Savings below are for US subscribers, please click here for pricing for your currency.

Yearly – $60USD (was $120USD).
2 Yearly – $96USD (was $192USD)

Yearly – $100USD (was $200USD)
2 Yearly – $160USD (was $320USD)

Existing yearly accounts will have the number of months remaining converted to the upgraded account type. Also all paid subscriptions provide a 30 day, 100% unconditional money back guarantee.

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