Updated receipt listing for customer invoice payments

An update has been made to Invoiceplace customer receipts so that the most recent payments are listed first, which makes it easy to see what receipts you last created. Note that multi-currency invoicing also lets you record customer payments in different currencies.

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Multi currency invoicing improvements for products

Take advantage of improved multi currency invoicing using Invoiceplace and create products for the goods and services you provide for sales to anywhere in the world.

You can now create products with a price and currency specific for each country you do business in, which enables you to set standard prices that take into account the going rates and inflation in local markets. You can also adjust the tax rate if overseas sales are tax free.

Create a product in a different currency

A currency field is now displayed for a product, which automatically defaults to the currency of your account. Existing products will use your account’s currency.

One currency for products sold on invoices

You can only create a tax invoice in a single currency, and cannot use products in a different currency on the same invoice. This will make sure you don’t accidentally create an invoice using your overseas rate for a local sale, for example.

Copy a product

To make it easier to create products for different currencies there is now a copy option. You can use the same product code for different currencies, and vary the price and rate of tax as required.

Now with multi currency products you can use Invoiceplace for easy invoicing and quotes from anywhere, and do business with anyone in the world!

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Upgrade with an Australian alternative to Paypal

You can now use Paymate to make a secure credit card payment to upgrade you Invoiceplace account to a yearly subscription. Paymate is an Australian made online payments service that has been serving thousands of buyers and sellers since 2001, and is an Australian alternative to using Paypal.

To use Paymate to upgrade your account login to your free Invoiceplace Lite account, and then click on the Upgrade link.

To make a secure online credit card payment using Paymate click on the button for the yearly plan you wish to upgrade to. You will be redirected to the Paymate website to make your payment.

Monthly subscriptions using Paymate are not yet available, but if you wish to have a monthly subscription using Paymate please contact us.

Online invoicing and accept credit card payments online with Paymate

If you have a Paymate sellers account you can use Invoiceplace to provide your customers with an easy and secure way to pay your invoice by credit card.

There is no need to pay extra for a merchant bank account, use your existing Australian or New Zealand bank account. Free sign-up, no monthly fees and you can accept credit card payments online. To find out more please click here.

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