Manage invoices and quotes without confusion chaos or clutter

The insidious foes in business are confusion, chaos and clutter. Any single task on its own generally isn’t a problem, but problems occur when you are surrounded by a mountain of tasks that all needed to be done urgently. These problems can include things not being done in time, done improperly or not done at all. In particular to manage invoices and quotes well can also be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

What is an invoice?

An invoice is a request for payment for goods or services provided. To prevent confusion it should be clear what was provided to your customer (goods and or services), why the invoice was raised, how much they need to pay and when payment is required.

Help your customer and include a customer reference

The reason why the invoice was raised should be quoted to help your customer, and Invoiceplace includes a Reference field which can be used to record a purchase order, project or activity that your customer is undertaking that requires your goods or services.

To help your customers there is now also a field ‘Customer Reference’ with which you can record any other reference number that your customer provides which helps keep their paperwork in order.

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Less is more when creating an online invoice with shipping

When invoicing for goods that are shipped to your customer there is typically an extra charge for shipping (or postage and handling).

Invoiceplace includes a means to record the postage / shipping, and the amount of tax to be applied (this is separate to any tax/GST/VAT applied to the invoice items).

To keep your invoicing simple the shipping does not automatically appear now when creating an invoice, you need to click on the link ‘Add Postage’ to make these fields appear. If you view an existing invoice or create an invoice template that both have shipping these fields will appear.

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End of Year Bookkeeping Checklist

A very useful end of year bookkeeping checklist is available here (written for businesses in the United States). This is useful for both independant contractors and employees.

Easy electronic invoicing using Paypal

You can now email an invoice to your customer and receive credit card payments with your Paypal account with Invoiceplace. Your customer simply clicks on a Paypal link in an invoice, makes a payment and you receive the funds in your bank account – no extra effort or hassle!

If you don’t use Paypal you can sign-up for free. If you already have a Paypal account follow these easy steps to start accepting payments online when billing with Invoiceplace.

1. Enter your Paypal username in the supplier details

Your Paypal username is required so that your customers are automatically directed to pay into your account. Your username by itself does not provide access to change you Paypal account details or access your money.

2. Choose Paypal as a payment option in an invoice

Give your customer the option of paying via Paypal. To give your customers choice and flexibility you can choose other payment options as well.

3. Email the invoice to your customer

Your customer can only pay via Paypal when they receive the invoice in an email, because the invoice will include a web address link that will automatically direct them to Paypal.

4. Your customer selects Paypal as a payment option in the invoice

When you customer receives an invoice from an email there will be a Paypal button available. Clicking on this will redirect them to Paypal to make a secure payment for the amount due.

5. Your customer makes a secure payment using Paypal

Your invoice number, description and amount due is already set in Paypal. If you have already received payments for an invoice only the outstanding amount due will show.

Please note that currently Paypal is only supported for the following currencies:

  • Australian Dollar (AUD);
  • US Dollar (USD);
  • Euro (EUR);
  • British Pound Sterling (GBP);
  • New Zealand Dollar (NZD);
  • Hong Kong Dollar (HKD); and
  • Singapore Dollar (SGD).

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Stumbleupon email to Confirm your email address -‏ scam or spam?

I recently received an email reportedly from StumbleUpon with the subject line ‘Confirm your email address’. My initial reaction was that it was a phishing attack (where someone wants to access your account), spam related activity or some other form of scam.

The email is copied below, and is asking me to click on a link to confirm my email address. This is not an attack or scam, because the link is going to It is absolutely critical to confirm that the link that is printed in the message matches the actual website, you verify this by copying and pasting the link into a text file.

There is reference to this email on a Stumbleupon forum and it is mentioned as being legitimate, likely as part of a form of housekeeping of even a form of spam minimization by Stumbleupon (because a human needs to reply to this email).

Hello, scottcarpenter.

Thanks for using StumbleUpon. Please click the link below to confirm your email address:[EMAIL ADDRESS]&verification=[VERIFICATION]
Clicking this link confirms your email address and protects your privacy. Soon, you’ll need a verified email address to access all of the features available on StumbleUpon.

— StumbleUpon Community Support
Questions? Send a note to

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The Twitter Survival Guide

Bob Walsh and Kristen Nicole have just released The Twitter Survival Guide :

Twitter is the fastest way to build connections online, and The Twitter Survival Guide is the fastest way to master making the most of your Twitter experience. Whether you are building an online reputation for yourself, your startup, your company or you just want to stay in touch with your online friends, Twitter is a powerful tool for finding, connecting and sharing with others.

Easy online invoicing for freelance writers

Invoiceplace now includes new unit types of Word and Character – perfect for freelance writers and others who get paid by the volume of the volume of copy they churn out (and all under impossible deadlines, of course ;) ).

This provides freelance writers a time saving online invoicing. Focus your effort on producing billable work, and not worry about manually calculating out how much to charge on invoices. Simply enter the number of words produced, how much is charged per word and let Invoiceplace take care of the rest!

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