Multi currency invoicing in 82 different currencies

Invoiceplace now makes multi currency online invoicing even easier with an update to the currencies available. You can now manage invoices, quotes and track payments received in 82 different currencies, and you can invoice the same customer in more than one currency.

Supported currencies (with three letter currency code) are as follows:

  • USD – Dollars (United States)
  • AUD – Dollars (Australia)
  • NZD – Dollars (New Zealand)
  • GBP – Pounds (United Kingdom)
  • EUR – Euro
  • CAD – Dollars (Canada)
  • SGD – Dollars (Singapore)
  • INR – Rupees (India)
  • AED – Dirhams (United Arab Emirates)
  • ALL – Leke (Albania)
  • ANG – Guilders (Netherlands Antilles)
  • ARS – Pesos (Argentina)
  • BGN – Leva (Bulgaria)
  • BHD – Dinars (Bahrain)
  • BOB – Bolivianos (Bolivia)
  • BRL – Real (Brazil)
  • BYR – Rubles (Belarus)
  • CLP – Pesos (Chile)
  • CNY – Yuan Renminbi (China)
  • COP – Pesos (Colombia)
  • CRC – Colones (Costa Rica)
  • CZK – Koruny (Czech Republic)
  • DKK – Kroner (Denmark)
  • DOP – Pesos (Dominican Republic)
  • DZD – Dinars (Algeria)
  • EEK – Krooni (Estonia)
  • EGP – Pounds (Egypt)
  • GTQ – Quetzales (Guatemala)
  • HKD – Hong Kong Dollars
  • HNL – Lempiras (Honduras)
  • HRK – Kuna (Croatia)
  • HUF – Forint (Hungary)
  • ILS – New Shekels (Israel)
  • IDR – Rupiahs (Indonesia)
  • IQD – Dinars (Iraq)
  • ISK – Kronur (Iceland)
  • HTG – Gourdes (Haiti)
  • JOD – Dinars (Jordan)
  • JPY – Yen (Japan)
  • KRW – Won Korea (South)
  • PKR – Rupees (Pakistan)
  • KWD – Dinars (Kuwait)
  • LBP – Pounds (Lebanon)
  • RON – New Lei (Romania)
  • LTL – Litai (Lithuania)
  • LVL – Lati (Latvia)
  • LYD – Dinars (Libya)
  • MAD – Dirhams (Morocco)
  • MKD – Denars (Macedonia)
  • MXN – Pesos (Mexico)
  • MYR – Ringgits (Malaysia)
  • NGN – Nairas (Nigeria)
  • NIO – Cordobas (Nicaragua)
  • NOK – Krone (Norway)
  • OMR – Rials (Oman)
  • PAB – Balboa (Panama)
  • DOP – Pesos (Dominican Republic)
  • PEN – Nuevos Soles (Peru)
  • PGK – Kina (Papua New Guinea)
  • PHP – Pesos (Philippines)
  • PLN – Zlotych (Poland)
  • PYG – Guarani (Paraguay)
  • QAR – Rials (Qatar)
  • RUB – Rubles (Russia)
  • SAR – Riyals (Saudi Arabia)
  • SDD – Pounds (Sudan)
  • SEK – Kronor (Sweden)
  • CHF – Francs (Switzerland)
  • SKK – Koruny (Slovakia)
  • SVC – Colones (El Salvador)
  • SYP – Pounds (Syria)
  • THB – Baht (Thailand)
  • TND – Dinars (Tunisia)
  • TRY – New Lira (Turkey)
  • TWD – New Dollars (Taiwan)
  • UAH – Hryvnia (Ukraine)
  • UYU – Pesos (Uruguay)
  • VEB – Bolivares (Venezuela)
  • VND – Dong (Viet Nam)
  • YER – Rials (Yemen)
  • XCD – East Caribbean Dollars
  • ZAR – Rand (South Africa)

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Electronic invoicing with multi currency templates

If you want to manage invoices in multiple currencies without ending up in a screaming frustrated heap you need to be prepared. Use Invoiceplace electronic multi-currency invoicing and create separate invoice templates for each of the different currencies you do business in.

If a template is created in a different currency to what you normally use the currency will now display in the drop down list.

When you need to create an invoice for a certain currency simply choose the template and the currency and other details are already filled out to save you time.

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Say little or say a lot when invoicing

Sometimes you don’t need a lot of words to say a lot, and other times many words are not enough. This is true for many types of written communication, including invoicing.

When billing it is critical that your customer clearly understand what they are paying for, to avoid any confusion or differences in opinion to what they expect to receive and you are actually delivering.

Invoiceplace provides for you to record an invoice description, detail for each line item and a comments field for other details. Now these fields will automatically grow to accommodate the detail you need to require – making your online invoicing even easier and hassle free.

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9 simple tips to grow your business

Matt Freedman has published a list of 9 simple tips to grow your business – highly recommended reading!

The 6 Most Important Things

What are the six most important things you should do today? Learn how to get more done by doing less here.

13 Motivation Techniques

Learn how to to beat procrastination, deal with pushy critics and motivate without coercion using these 13 motivation techniques.

Simple invoicing now with draft quotes and invoices

It can be hard work keeping track of invoices and quotes, even more so when you provide obligation free quotes and have a dozen prospective customers on the go at any time. Invoiceplace now provides an easy way to organize your draft quotes and invoices in one place, that can be accessed from anywhere – easy mobile invoicing to save you time and help you make more money.

How to create a draft invoice

You can create a draft invoice by setting the Status when editing, and choose an option of ‘Draft’ or ‘Open’. New invoices and quotes automatically have a status of Open (unless you create a special invoice template – see below).

Manage draft invoices and quotes

Draft quotes are listed, and a total amount shows ( in multiple currencies if required) to give you an idea of how much business you are chasing.

Draft quotes and invoices can be deleted, copied or opened. Clicking on the Open option will take you to the Review page for printing or emailing the quote to your customer.

Similarly draft invoices with total amounts are listed.

Draft quotes and invoices report

The total amount of draft invoices and quotes by customer is shown in the front page. Drafts are not counted in any of the other reports.

Print or email a draft invoice or quote to your customer

Drafts can be printed or emailed as required. The difference is that the title includes the word ‘DRAFT’. When emailing ‘DRAFT’ is also included in the subject line.

Create an invoice template for a draft

To create an invoice or quote as a draft you will need to use an invoice template that has a Draft status.

Important note with invoices quotes and paid invoices

An invoiced quote and paid and partially paid invoices cannot be changed to a draft status.

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Get the Australian Constitution on your iPhone

The Australian Constitution is now available as a free iPhone application! More here.

Paymate the best bid for eBay

Paymate (an Australian made online payment processor) has announced a partnership with eBay to provide credit card payment services for US eBay purchasers in the United States:

Dilip Rao, Managing Director for Paymate stated, “Paymate is delighted to extend our services beyond Australia and New Zealand into the USA, both to eBay members and website merchants. Our integration into eBay is a recognition of our global credentials as a safe and secure payment provider, making it really easy for sellers and buyers to select Paymate as their preferred payment option.”

It’s free to sign-up for a Paymate account and there are no monthly fees. Start accepting Visa or Mastercard payments (and in different currencies) today without the hassle or cost!

2008 State of the Web survey results now available

The results of the 2008 State of the Web survey are now available. Some highlights:

  • Nearly half the respondents use Mac OS X Leopard, and over half use a non Windows Operating system. Windows XP still outweighs Windows Vista among these users by a factor of 4 to 1 as their operating system of choice.
  • Just a small majority, less than 5%, use any version of Internet Explorer as their primary browser, while Firefox dominates as the browser for choice, with over 60% market share. Safari 3 follows with 21%, and the much talked about Chrome on just 4%.
  • Only a tiny handful use Internet Explorer 8 beta as their browser of choice.
  • Despite the hype of the iPhone, less than 20% of respondents use the mobile web, and a similar number develop sites optimized for mobiles.