Save time when emailing an invoice by using a template

It takes time to post invoices, which is no problem if you have plenty to spare. For the rest of us there are easier and faster ways to get paid faster by using Invoiceplace to email invoices directly to your customers.

Invoiceplace is an online invoicing service providing easy to use billing software accessed from any computer connected to the internet.

Invoices can be created and emailed directly to your customers as a professionally formatted PDF or Word document attachment. This gives your business a professional edge and makes it easy for your customers to print and save a copy of the invoice.

Now you can save even more time emailing an invoice by using an email template.

A template will default a standard message in the body of the email, saving you from having the type the same thing every time. You have control over what type of message to include. A suggestion is to create a standard signature with your name, business name and contact details.

After you create an email template is is automatically included when emailing an invoice or quote to your customer.

How to create an email template

1. Click on the ‘Templates/Settings’ tab.

2. Click on New Email Template

3. Create your email template

Enter what you want to automatically appear in the email message.

4. Email an invoice

Choose the invoice you want to email to your customer.

The email message from the template is automatically included. You can change the message as required.

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