Google offer of free advertising for Australian businesses

Google is offering Australian businesses a credit of $75 AUD until the 30th of June 2009. This is only available to new AdWords customers. More here.

Online invoicing with payment terms and conditions

Invoiceplace provides easy online invoicing with the flexibility to choose any payment due date. The due date is determined by adding the number of days in the Payment Terms to the invoice date.

The Payment Terms can indicate an immediate payment  (i.e. ‘COD’, ’0 days’, ‘Immediate’), or one any number of days in the future  (i.e. ’30 days NET’). The quote field ‘Quote Terms (days)’ worked in a similar same way and was used to determine the expiry date.

Create an invoice with payment terms and conditions

When creating an invoice the ‘Payment terms’ field has been renamed to ‘Days Before Payment Due’. There is also a new field named ‘Payment Terms and Conditions’. To display this new field click on ‘Add Payment Terms’.

This field lets you provide detailed instructions to your customers if you require up front payments, milestone payments.

For quotes this field has been renamed from ‘Quote Terms (days)’ to ‘Days Quote is Valid’. Don’t forget to update any invoice templates that you use to include standard payment conditions.

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