Enhanced reports for easy online invoicing

Invoiceplace now provides a Reports tab to make it even easier to take control of your invoicing. The first report available is a listing of paid invoices that can be downloaded in Excel format.

Choose the report you require by clicking on the button under the ‘Create’ column.

The next step provides a way to choose report parameters (such as only displaying invoices created with a certain date range). At the moment this report does not have any parameters, so all invoices will be listed.

Creating the report is as simple as clicking on the ‘Print’ button.

Your report is created as an Excel spreadsheet, and totals have already been calculated. You have the freedom to perform whatever other calculations are required to get the information you need to keep yourself, your accountant, and (most importantly of all!) the government tax office up to date.

To view a sample report click on the image, or here.

More reports will be available over the coming weeks. If you have a suggestion for a report please contact us.

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