Invoicing with customer credit as payment

When a customer returns goods that you sold to them they either receive a refund or you can issue them with a credit note. A credit note can be used to make a payment against another invoice, and now Invoiceplace lets you use customer credit as payment for an invoice.

When a customer pays by credit this is the only payment method allowed on a single receipt. If a customer paid the balance of an invoice you can create a second receipt for the same invoice.

The first prerequisite is that a customer has an existing credit note, which are listed along with the overdue, due and paid invoices. In this example a $50 credit notes was created for Al the Butcher.

In the Customer details the credit balance is now listed. Al has a $50 balance.  Multi-currency support allows Al to have a credit balance in other currencies if required – note that this credit is in Australian Dollars only.

If Al makes a new purchase for $50 he can pay this using his credit balance.

When creating the receipt select Credit Note as the payment method.

A receipt cannot be created for an amount greater than the credit balance in the currency of the receipt (in this case we’re trying to record a payment amount of $60 in credit).

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