Online invoicing with the bank account IBAN number

Online invoicing empowers you to run your business from anywhere. You also make it easier for your customers, and can process your invoice without the hassle of visiting the bank or posting payment. They simply receive an email with your invoice attached and can pay online with a credit card, if you were to set-up a free merchant account with for example.

Another popular payment option that can be done online is a direct bank transfers. Invoiceplace can already record and print your bank account details on invoices, and this has been further enhanced to display your account IBAN (International Bank Account Number).

What is the IBAN ?

The International Bank Account Number (or IBAN) identifies your bank account in a format that many banks recognise and use for international transactions. This was driven by the need for a common identifier, since the account information required can vary by country, and the more details provided increases the risk of a number being entered incorrectly.

How to include the IBAN with the bank transfer payment method on an invoice

Your IBAN is entered in the supplier details (shown below). After entering the IBAN to print this on an invoice simply select the ‘Direct Bank Transfer’ payment method.

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