Create a spreadsheet with all of your customer details

A report is available for creating a spreadsheet with your customer details. To run this login to Invoiceplace, select the ‘Reports’ tab and then choose ‘Customer List’.

The report prints these details:
- Business name
- A contact
- Telephone number
- Cell / Mobile
- Fax number
- Email address
- Address
- Your notes and comments.
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New report to get all invoices

A new report is available so you can download all invoices created in Invoiceplace to an Excel spreadsheet. This is different to the paid invoices report because it retrieves invoices by the invoice date, so will include all invoices regardless of whether payment has been received.

To run the report choose the ‘Reports’ tab after logging in to Invoiceplace, and select the Raised Invoices report.

Specify the Invoice date range for the invoices you want to view, and then click on Print. You must enter a date from and to. The results will be available for download as an Excel spreadsheet.

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Enhanced reports for easy online invoicing

Invoiceplace now provides a Reports tab to make it even easier to take control of your invoicing. The first report available is a listing of paid invoices that can be downloaded in Excel format.

Choose the report you require by clicking on the button under the ‘Create’ column.

The next step provides a way to choose report parameters (such as only displaying invoices created with a certain date range). At the moment this report does not have any parameters, so all invoices will be listed.

Creating the report is as simple as clicking on the ‘Print’ button.

Your report is created as an Excel spreadsheet, and totals have already been calculated. You have the freedom to perform whatever other calculations are required to get the information you need to keep yourself, your accountant, and (most importantly of all!) the government tax office up to date.

To view a sample report click on the image, or here.

More reports will be available over the coming weeks. If you have a suggestion for a report please contact us.

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Less is more for online invoicing

Invoiceplace is the only place to go for easy online invoicing with multi-currency support, and now even better by giving you less! Now it is easier to export your accounting data and perform calculations in Excel because the currency symbol as been removed.

The reason this was done was that Excel was unable to automatically recognise amounts in certain currencies, such as the Euro. This required more effort to reformat the data in order to perform sums and other calculations.

Since Invoiceplace support multi-currency online invoicing it is still clear if an amount is in US, Canadian, or East Caribbean dollars because the currency code is always listed.

Now when exporting to Excel ( sample export of invoice data )it is a lot easier to perform calculations.

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Online invoicing with staff accounts

Manage your invoicing and quotes for from any computer connected to the internet. Now your staff can have their own accounts with separate log-in details with an Invoiceplace Professional and Premium subscription.

To create staff accounts click on the ‘Templates / Settings’ tab, and select ‘User Account’ from the ‘Create New:’ drop down list.

Your staff member can have their own username and password.

When your staff are out selling it is difficult to quickly get a picture of the state of your business.

Everyone either have copies of their own invoices and quotes which need to be sent in every so often. Alternatively you have one person who does all of the invoicing paperwork which creates a bottleneck when they get overloaded.

An easier solution is to use Invoiceplace. All your staff need is internet access and they can log-in from anywhere, create an invoice, email or print and they are done. There is no need to supply invoice templates, everything is available on-line and is always up to date.

Stop using a manual invoice template – upgrade to Invoiceplace for easy online invoicing!

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Online invoicing with payment terms and conditions

Invoiceplace provides easy online invoicing with the flexibility to choose any payment due date. The due date is determined by adding the number of days in the Payment Terms to the invoice date.

The Payment Terms can indicate an immediate payment  (i.e. ‘COD’, ’0 days’, ‘Immediate’), or one any number of days in the future  (i.e. ’30 days NET’). The quote field ‘Quote Terms (days)’ worked in a similar same way and was used to determine the expiry date.

Create an invoice with payment terms and conditions

When creating an invoice the ‘Payment terms’ field has been renamed to ‘Days Before Payment Due’. There is also a new field named ‘Payment Terms and Conditions’. To display this new field click on ‘Add Payment Terms’.

This field lets you provide detailed instructions to your customers if you require up front payments, milestone payments.

For quotes this field has been renamed from ‘Quote Terms (days)’ to ‘Days Quote is Valid’. Don’t forget to update any invoice templates that you use to include standard payment conditions.

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How to create a credit note

Invoiceplace now provides a simple way to create credits notes (or credit memos). Now you can issue refunds and other forms of credit to your customers.

What is a credit note / memo?

A credit note is essentially a ‘negative invoice’, typically used in these scenarios:

  • Your customer returns faulty or unwanted goods
  • The amount is reduced for an invoice your customer has already received
  • You provide credit to your customer for another reason.

When you issue a credit note no money changes hands. Your customer will now have a credit added to their account, which can be used as a discount on future invoices.

An example credit note which can be used a template is available here:

How to create a credit note

1. Create an invoice.

If you are issuing a credit for goods returned save time by copying the original invoice. Only keep the line items for the returned goods.

2. Enter negative quantities to create a credit note from an invoice

Change the quantity for goods returned to a negative number. If 4 electrical switches were returned enter -4.

If a credit memo is created to reduce the amount of an already issued invoice use a unit type of ‘Each’ and a negative quantity. For example to provide a credit of $100 enter a quantity of -1, unit type of ‘Each’ and amount of 100.

3. Print or email

Print a credit note or email it directly to your customer as a professionally formatted PDF or Word attachment.

How does a Credit Note affect inventory?

When a credit note is issued for returned products the stock on hand will increase. If a customer is issued a credit but no goods are returned ensure a product is not selected.

Credit notes and customer account balances

Issuing a credit memo will decrease the balance that your customer owes you. In the example below a new customer has an zero balance.

If you issue a credit note of -$50 to this customer their balance is now -$50.

Now Invoiceplace provides the flexibility to issue credit notes. Manage customer returns, adjustments to already issued invoices and credits for any other reason. Take control of managing your business and upgrade to Invoiceplace for easy online invoicing and quotes from anywhere!

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Inventory basics for small businesses

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End of Year Bookkeeping Checklist

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