Email an electronic invoice to multiple people

There are times when you create an invoice that you are required to send it to more than one person. This would occur when your customer’s billing is handled by an accounts department and you also need to email an invoice to a manager for approval.

Even though Invoiceplace already provides a way to email an electronic invoice to three people (by having ‘To’, ‘Cc’ and Bcc’ address fields) you can now email as many people as you need to.

How to email an invoice to more than one person

1. Login to Invoiceplace, and click on the email image for the invoice, quote or receipt you want to send.

Choose Invoice to Email

2. Enter multiple email addresses in the ‘To’, ‘Cc’ and/or ‘Bcc’ fields. Use a comma to separate each email address.

Email an electronic invoice to multiple customers

3. Update your customer details

You can now enter multiple email addresses in your customer record.

Email electronic invoice to multiple customers update customer details

When you an email an invoice the multiple addresses from your customer’s details are automatically displayed. You can change, remove or even add more email addresses if required.

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