Invoiceplace listed in the Australian SMART 100 index!

Invoiceplace has been named as one of Australia’s top 100 innovative products in the 2010 Anthill magazine ‘SMART 100′ Index.

The Index was created by leading business media channel Anthill Magazine in 2008 to identify and rank Australia’s 100 most innovative products, proving to be one of the largest surveys of its kind in Australia.

“In true Anthillian style, the SMART 100 is an ever-evolving, ever-improving experiment,” said Anthill founder and Editor-In-Chief James Tuckerman.
“It identifies and ranks new Australian innovations by applying a combination of crowdsourcing, collaboration and common-sense. We employ the judgement of ‘mavens’ and readers.

What is Anthill Magazine?

Anthill was initially launched as a print magazine, in September 2003, by its current editor-in-chief James Tuckerman, who at the age of 26 quit his day job, departing a promising career in corporate PR, to pursue his own entrepreneurial journey.

Since then, it has evolved into one of Australia’s leading online communities for Australian business owners, ranked among the Top 50 Business & Finance websites in Australia by Nielsen Online Ratings. It is dedicated to innovation, entrepreneurship and the commercial development of Australian ideas. It is recognised for its edgy, often irreverent approach to business news, awards and events.

Increase in the standard UK VAT rate from the 1st of January 2010

The standard VAT rate will increase from 15% to 17.5% for UK businesses from the 1st of Jan 2010. More here –

Easy online invoicing for Spanish businesses

Invoiceplace is now available for Spanish businesses, providing an online invoicing service in Spain with invoices created in Euros. Of course multi-currency support allows for invoicing in different currencies as required. An invoice template can be created with the currency default if you do business in US dollars or other currencies.

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Invoiceplace testimonial by Obolensky Asia. Quality Control and Inspection Service in China, India and Vietnam

A big thank you to Michael from Obolensky Asia for kindly providing an Invoiceplace review and testimonial!

With customers on all continents of the world, invoicing in multiple currencies, Obolensky Asia Ltd. was looking for a reliable and simple to use invoice solution.

For our purposes it was crucial to work with a flexible and customer orientated provider, willing and able to adapt their system to our requirements….. we are pleased to have found Invoiceplace!

- Michael ObolenskyCEO Obolensky Asia Ltd. Switzerland
CEO Obolensky Asia Hong Kong Ltd.

Quality Control & Inspection Service China, India, Vietnam.

Click here for all Invoiceplace reviews.

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Paymate the best bid for eBay

Paymate (an Australian made online payment processor) has announced a partnership with eBay to provide credit card payment services for US eBay purchasers in the United States:

Dilip Rao, Managing Director for Paymate stated, “Paymate is delighted to extend our services beyond Australia and New Zealand into the USA, both to eBay members and website merchants. Our integration into eBay is a recognition of our global credentials as a safe and secure payment provider, making it really easy for sellers and buyers to select Paymate as their preferred payment option.”

It’s free to sign-up for a Paymate account and there are no monthly fees. Start accepting Visa or Mastercard payments (and in different currencies) today without the hassle or cost!

What are invoice payment terms

When you create an invoice your customer need to know when to pay, and this is dictated by the payment terms.

The payment terms are the number of days before payment is required, ranging from immediate to any number of days in the future. Invoiceplace has been updated to give you more flexibility specifying the payment terms, previously only a number of days could be entered. Now there are more options for indicating immediate payment is required.

Payment terms vary by industry, where you live, who you are selling to and the value of the goods purchased. For example if you have a long term freelance arrangement with a large customer (who pay their bills regularly) your terms are likely to be more generous than for a new customer with a one-off project.

Immediate payment

The following payment terms indicate that payment is due immediately, specifically when the invoice is issued which is determined by the invoice date.

  • Due on Receipt (DOR) – This is used when you ship goods to your customer. DOR means that payment is due when your customer has received what they ordered.
  • Upon Receipt – (See DOR).
  • Payable Upon Receipt – (See DOR).
  • Pay on Receipt – (See DOR).
  • Pay in full on receipt – (See DOR).
  • Cash on Delivery (COD) – Similar to DOR, payment is due when the goods are received by your customer. Today many businesses will accept COD payments in more than just a fistful of banknotes, and can include check or credit card. If you only accept a cash payment you will need to make that clear when selecting the accepted payment methods for the invoice.
  • Collect on Delivery (COD) – This is a variation of Cash On Delivery to avoid confusion as to whether payment is required in cash only. The ‘Collect’ is referring to the collection of payment, not your customer collecting what they bought.

Payment is due a certain number of days past the invoice date

Generally Businesses are more generous with the amount of time required to pay, and allow a certain number of days after the invoice is issued to receive payment.

  • Net 30 – Indicates payment is due 30 days after the invoice date.  The number of days varies, for example ‘Net 7’ indicates payment is required within seven days.
  • 30 – (See Net 30).
  • 30 days – (See Net 30).

Payment terms set clear expectations

Use payment terms when billing to make it clear to your customer when you require your invoice to be paid.

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Take the stairs and reduce premature death by 15 percent

As reported by iTWire, a Swiss study on improving cardiovascular health of employees found that simply taking the stairs instead of elevators at work improves health and fitness.

Seventy-seven employees from the University of Geneva with a sedentary lifestyle (defined as less than two hours of exercise or sport each week, and less than 10 flights of stair-climbing a day) were recruited to the study. Over 12 weeks, subjects were asked to use stairs exclusively instead of elevators at work.

The results were impressive -

[participants in the study] showed a statistically significant decline in waist circumference (-1.8%), weight (-0.7%), fat mass (-1.7%), diastolic blood pressure (-2.3%) and LDL cholesterol (-3.9%).

It was estimated that the participants had reduced their chance of premature death by 15%, and this was achieved without expensive gym memberships or waking at dawn to go jogging. Keep this in mind the next time you need to use the elevator – taking the stairs instead could save your life!

Invoiceplace listed in the Top 100 Australian Web 2.0 Applications!

We are very excited to announce that Invoiceplace has been listed as one of the top 100 Australian Web 2.0 Applications!

This initiative was led by Ross Dawson from the Future Exploration Network, and published online and in print in the Business Review Weekly.

Top 100 web2.0 applications in australia

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Changes to free and paid subscriptions from the 1st of September. Upgrade for half price.

All existing free and paid Invoiceplace subscriptions will be upgraded on the 1st of September 2008. Subscription price hasn’t changed – but now you receive more value. Free and paid accounts will provide unlimited customer records so it doesn’t matter if you have one or ten thousand customers.

The major change is there will be a maximum number of invoices, quotes or receipts that can be created for each calendar month.

Free subscriptions are now the Lite subscription

The free account will become the Lite subscription. This will offer unlimited customer records (was three) and a maximum of five each of invoices, quotes and receipts created each month (this means that you can create up to five invoices, and five quotes and five receipts). This limit resets automatically each month.

20 customer subscriptions are now the Professional subscription

The 20 customer subscription will be the Professional subscription. This includes unlimited customers, and up to 1000 each of invoices, quotes and receipts each month. You can also have up to 1000 products (was 100).

100 and 500 customer subscriptions are now the Premium subscription

The 100 and 500 customer subscription will be the ‘Premium’ subscription also offering unlimited customers and up to 5000 invoices, quotes and receipts each month. There are 5000 products allowed (was 1000) and lets you incorporate one each of a fully customized invoice, quote and receipt print templates (more about custom templates below).

Exclusive upgrade offer – 50% discount on one and two year subscriptions

Does Invoiceplace save you time and helps make your billing easy? Upgrade your existing free or paid account by the 1st of August 2008 and receive a 50% discount on a one or two year Professional or Premium subscription.

Yearly subscriptions already include two months free, and the two year subscription eight months – so take advantage of this special offer for even greater value! Savings below are for US subscribers, please click here for pricing for your currency.

Yearly – $60USD (was $120USD).
2 Yearly – $96USD (was $192USD)

Yearly – $100USD (was $200USD)
2 Yearly – $160USD (was $320USD)

Existing yearly accounts will have the number of months remaining converted to the upgraded account type. Also all paid subscriptions provide a 30 day, 100% unconditional money back guarantee.

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Aussie Bloggers launches! Help with starting a blog for Australians

Aussie Bloggers help with creating a blog in Australia for Australians

On the 26th of January (fittingly being Australia Day) Aussie Bloggers has officially launched! The goals of the AussieBloggers site are to :

  • provide a resource for new bloggers
  • provide assistance in a welcoming (non-threatening) environment
  • promote networking of Aussie bloggers
  • promote the visibility/credibility of Australian bloggers and the Australian blogosphere