Simple invoicing now with draft quotes and invoices

It can be hard work keeping track of invoices and quotes, even more so when you provide obligation free quotes and have a dozen prospective customers on the go at any time. Invoiceplace now provides an easy way to organize your draft quotes and invoices in one place, that can be accessed from anywhere – easy mobile invoicing to save you time and help you make more money.

How to create a draft invoice

You can create a draft invoice by setting the Status when editing, and choose an option of ‘Draft’ or ‘Open’. New invoices and quotes automatically have a status of Open (unless you create a special invoice template – see below).

Manage draft invoices and quotes

Draft quotes are listed, and a total amount shows ( in multiple currencies if required) to give you an idea of how much business you are chasing.

Draft quotes and invoices can be deleted, copied or opened. Clicking on the Open option will take you to the Review page for printing or emailing the quote to your customer.

Similarly draft invoices with total amounts are listed.

Draft quotes and invoices report

The total amount of draft invoices and quotes by customer is shown in the front page. Drafts are not counted in any of the other reports.

Print or email a draft invoice or quote to your customer

Drafts can be printed or emailed as required. The difference is that the title includes the word ‘DRAFT’. When emailing ‘DRAFT’ is also included in the subject line.

Create an invoice template for a draft

To create an invoice or quote as a draft you will need to use an invoice template that has a Draft status.

Important note with invoices quotes and paid invoices

An invoiced quote and paid and partially paid invoices cannot be changed to a draft status.

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Use Invoiceplace for your online quoting software – handling invoiced quotes

Creating an online quote or estimate using Invoiceplace has been improved so that now your invoiced quotes are listed separately. This means you can clearly see which quotes your customers have been invoiced for.

There is no extra effort required to manage your quotes – the new table listing invoiced quotes is automatically updated. Previously all quotes were listed in one of the Open Quotes or Expired Quotes tables.

Online quote software showing invoiced quotes

An open quote is one that has not passed the quote expiry date. The quote expiry date is calculated by adding the number of days recorded in the ‘Quote terms’ to the ‘Quote date’. Similarly an Expired Quote is one with an expiry date in the past.

If you remove an invoice for a quote then the quote will be listed in either the Open Quotes or Expired Quotes.

How to create an invoice from a quote

1. Find the quote

Use the search feature or manually find the quote for which you need to create an invoice for.

Search for an online quote or estimate

2. Click on the ‘Create Invoice’ button

Create an online quote

3. Enter the invoice details

Create an invoice from a quote

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