Tour updated – create an invoice, print and email using Invoiceplace

The Invoiceplace tour (screenshots) has been updated to demonstrate the benefits of creating an invoice using a template and using products on line items. Below are six screenshots of the steps required to create an invoice, print as a PDF document and email the invoice as an attachment to your customer. and

Create an invoice from a template

Create a blank invoice or use a pre-defined template that you have already created.

Create an invoice from a template

Enter invoice header details

Enter the invoice header details. Use any format for the invoice number and you can enter an optional purchase order number. You can also give your customer a choice of payment methods.

Enter invoice header details

Enter invoice line items

Enter the invoice line items. Choose from predefined products, or enter any product or service you offer.

Enter invoice items

Review invoice

Review your invoice before printing as a PDF or Microsoft Word document, or emailing directly to your customer.

Review invoice

Print your invoice as a PDF document

Print and save as a professionally formatted PDF document.

Print Invoice as PDF

Email your invoice

Email your invoice directly to your customer. Your customer will receive an email message with a PDF or Microsoft Word attachment.

Email invoice to customer

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