Stumbleupon email to Confirm your email address -‏ scam or spam?

I recently received an email reportedly from StumbleUpon with the subject line ‘Confirm your email address’. My initial reaction was that it was a phishing attack (where someone wants to access your account), spam related activity or some other form of scam.

The email is copied below, and is asking me to click on a link to confirm my email address. This is not an attack or scam, because the link is going to It is absolutely critical to confirm that the link that is printed in the message matches the actual website, you verify this by copying and pasting the link into a text file.

There is reference to this email on a Stumbleupon forum and it is mentioned as being legitimate, likely as part of a form of housekeeping of even a form of spam minimization by Stumbleupon (because a human needs to reply to this email).

Hello, scottcarpenter.

Thanks for using StumbleUpon. Please click the link below to confirm your email address:[EMAIL ADDRESS]&verification=[VERIFICATION]
Clicking this link confirms your email address and protects your privacy. Soon, you’ll need a verified email address to access all of the features available on StumbleUpon.

— StumbleUpon Community Support
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