Easy Invoicing And Quotes From Anywhere

I like it because it is Australian based, is simple and it works.

I have been using Invoiceplace.com for my freelance work because it allows for simple 'cloud-based' services and delivers a great way to interact with my clients for my invoicing, accounting and payment needs.


- Warren Morgan, Australia




With customers on all continents of the world, invoicing in multiple currencies, Obolensky Asia Ltd. was looking for a reliable and simple to use invoice solution.

For our purposes it was crucial to work with a flexible and customer orientated provider, willing and able to adapt their system to our requirements..... we are pleased to have found Invoiceplace!


- Michael Obolensky

CEO Obolensky Asia Ltd. Switzerland
CEO Obolensky Asia Hong Kong Ltd.

Quality Control & Inspection Service China, India, Vietnam.



"I run a home based business, and was looking for something to make our invoices look more professional. I did an online search and came across Invoice Place. I've been using their invoices ever since. They look good, are easy to manage...and the price is right. I've found Scott and his crew easy to talk to, and open to customer suggestions. Invoiceplace.com is a winner for me and my company."


- Bill Jackson. British Columbia, Canada.



If you are just setting up a business you have come to the right place. Here you will find everything you need to get started, and as your business grows why would you want to leave this site that has helped you at the start of your new exciting business.

As we grow our customers will grow and that's where this site comes into its own. All I can say is what a FANTASTIC web site for helping me with my business needs.


- John Jarvis, Dust Busters North East. United Kingdom.



Scott Carpenter was extremely professional, offering suggestions and support throughout the whole process of preparing a custom invoice template. Our business provides corporate and leisure ground transportation in Athens and there are details which needed to be included on the invoice not usually required.

Now able to provide our customers with full details of their transfers and the best part Invoiceplace does all the calculations instantly.

We have no hesitation in recommending Scott Carpenter and Invoiceplace for anyone who may require easy invoicing for their business.


- Patricia & Spiro, Athens Transfers, Greece.


My wife and I have recently started a new business. I spent many months looking for a simple business accounting package that would create and keep accurate records of our small business. We looked at many of the common ones you hear about every day but they all looked so complicated and expensive and with some you need to attend courses.

I then came across InvoicePlace. The first thing I noticed was how professional it looked. As I went through their tour I was literally amazed at how easy it was compared to anything else I had seen, not to mention the cost, which is negligible.

There were a couple of things I wished to be able to do that were not available at the time of signing up. I mentioned these to Scott, who within days added them to his programme. I honestly felt that he was tailoring his business programme around me. Now that's what I call service.

Now I have a simple business programme, which will do everything I want and would challenge anyone, not to be able to use it themselves. Thanks Scott ..keep up the good work.


- Peter & Julie Becket, Aspects Of Feet. New South Wales, Australia.





I am very happy with Invoiceplace which has replaced my previous method of issuing invoices and follow-ups for my small business. It is fast, easy to understand and best of all, is run as a personal business. Much better than dealing with large companies; responses are quick and I'd recommend Invoiceplace wholeheartedly.


- Tim Moorey, Crossword Setter, United Kingdom.







Simple and powerful for my freelance business... so easy to use... and best of all - offer FREE accounts. What a service! You rock.


- Viking KARWUR, Freelance Web Designer, Bali, Indonesia.














When I started my business in January 2007 one of my main concerns was invoicing and the amount of time I was going to spend working them out and typing them up. A lot of the work I do involves getting a deposit from the client before starting work, this can be anything from 10% to 50%. I also have to give various percentage discounts either for prompt payment or as a commission.

I looked at Sage which was not only complicated but total overkill for my small business. My accountant said I needed a set of accountancy books! What I really needed was a simple solution that didn't take up my time. I guessed that many other start up businesses were in the same predicament as me so I searched the Business Start Up Forums online and that's where I found Scott promoting Invoiceplace.

It was free so I didn't have anything to lose but to be honest I couldn't see it being much value to me, what's more any support would have to come from Australia.

I gave it a go and produced my first invoice in a couple of minutes and sent it off via Invoice Place by email. Now I can't imagine running my business without Invoiceplace, I can invoice on the move, put in complicated percentage discounts and it does all the calculations for me. When I need to know what money needs chasing then I just log into Invoice Place and it tells me.

Don't worry about Scott being in Australia, Invoiceplace works great in pounds sterling and all other currencies too and if you have a query or a problem Scott will sort it very quickly.


- Robert Snarey, Planet Internet Marketing Ltd., Weymouth, England, United Kingdom.


We'd like to thank Invoiceplace for their site. We are a new business & don't use a formal accounting software system. Invoice place gave us the necessary site to do all our invoicing & receipts to make our business look more professional.

We have put forward some suggestions and requests & Invoiceplace has made these enhancements straight away for us. We would recommend any new business to use this site to set up their invoicing & receipts.


- Michelle & Mo Halbouni, Marshell Bodyguard & Security, Blakehurst, New South Wales Australia.


Invoiceplace has made it possible for us to make our business truly mobile. Previously we had to pack our own invoicing package and travel with all of our records.

We can now operate from anywhere in the world, send invoices and keep track of payments.

With Invoiceplace for billing, Gmail for email and MBox for our Faxes and telephone messages we are now truly mobile.

We also appreciate the fact that you are continually improving the facilities and services that you offer.


- Trevor & Annie Boulton, The Copycat Company, Hervey Bay, Queensland Australia.


"I have just started my own business and Invoice Place has been a GOD send. Through this fantastic and easy to use system I have been able to invoice all my clients, & keep track of invoices all without too much time or effort.

I would highly recommend Invoiceplace.com to any self employed, or small business owner that is looking to operate in a smart, effective & professional manner.

You also have a great support network in Scott who is always willing to listen to customer comments that may help in making an already great system even more easier for the end user. Thanks for Invoiceplace, Scott."


- Greg Saikaly. Antix Displays & Exhibitions Pty Ltd - Sydney, New South Wales Australia.

"Since we have signed on with the invoice place system our invoice time has been freed up significantly. What used to be a tedious task that we did via invoice books has turned into a fast and cost effective process that is easy to track. Other programs just didn't fit our business size and needed extensive training to understand and set up. The invoice place system fits our business, our customers are happy, our accountant is happy and so are we."


- Paul and Summer Sanders, Bonegilla Glass. Albury, New South Wales Australia.


"Your website helps me to run my business promptly, on time and makes my life simply easier!!!"

- Sylvia Ratcliffe, www.littlekidsbigkids.com.au. Sydney, Australia.





"Invoiceplace.com has been extremely helpful to my business. I am able to take care of quotes and invoicing anywhere in the world without having my computer with me. The choice of currency and ability to e-mail the invoice or quote is an invaluable resource for my business."


- David Smart, Smart Productions. New South Wales, Australia.